Working wonders: office parties at the Swettenham Arms










Well, it’s that time of year again – having spent the last 12 months discussing spreadsheets and deadlines with your work colleagues, it’s now time to break out the Rudolph ear headbands and red noses for the office party. Spending time with colleagues in a social environment may not feel like the most important part of the festive season, but studies show that it’s great for building better working relationships.

Office parties are a way of recognising employee accomplishments throughout the year, and showing that milestones are noticed and valued. They also bring all members of staff together for the same purpose – to celebrate everyone’s achievements throughout the year. That’s particularly important if your staff is divided into different teams that don’t generally have much overlap – the Christmas party is a good opportunity to bond in a relaxed, low pressure environment and recognise the contribution of other people to a common project. Working relationships built at social events often pay dividends further down the line, as people feel more comfortable working with colleagues that they’ve already got to know in other circumstances. Parties also create an informal platform for employees to share thoughts and ideas that might never have come to light in more formal circumstances. 


Investing in an office event is a good morale booster, too. Members of staff who feel appreciated are more likely to work efficiently and perform their roles well.

If you’re looking for the perfect venue for your office party, look no further than the Swettenham Arms. We’ve got the Lovell Suite available for a private function, or if you’re a smaller business, how about joining in with our festive party nights?  Starting from 1st December, they cost just £40 per person for a three course meal and dancing until midnight. To find out more, visit our events page. 

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