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It’s that time of the year again, when we all make our resolutions for the 12 months ahead and reflect on where we were this time last year. It’s no surprise that a 2014 poll of almost 1,700 UK residents found that most of us will be making resolutions based around our health. Did you know, though, that only 8 per cent of resolutions are successful and achieve the required goal? Here’s how to give yourself the best chance of success.

Top five resolutions in the UK:

1. Get fitter and healthier (63 per cent). This is a well intentioned but vague resolution. To give yourself a fighting chance, put some parameters around it – for example. ‘I will cycle to work once a week’, or ‘I will go for a long walk at weekends’. Don’t focus too much on losing weight as this can be discouraging – making lifestyle changes is more sustainable. We’ve got some lovely countryside around the Swettenham Arms, so once a week, why not round up the dog and family and go for a long walk before lunch?

2. Drink less alcohol (57 per cent). Here’s a resolution where reality is key. Don’t try and go cold turkey too fast – small changes like having ‘dry days’ in the week and substituting half pints for pints are more sustainable. If you’re trying to cut down, we’ve got a wide range of non-alcoholic juices and mixers to choose from.

3. Lose weight (34 per cent). Again, lifestyle changes are key to keeping up good intentions without making yourself miserable. Keep up exercise levels, drop fried foods such as chips for alternatives like boiled or baked potatoes and try and limit sugary foods to an occasional treat. 

4. Get out of debt (26 per cent). Many of us are feeling the pinch after Christmas, but taking control of finances is always positive. Start by using a free online financial planner to get a clear picture of the current position and help you make a plan.

5.Spend more time with friends/family (14 per cent). After Christmas and New Year are over, it’s tempting to let social lives and family relationships drop off again. Put some time in the diary now for a family get together in January so you don’t lose touch.

A very happy New Year from all the team at the Swettenham Arms. x

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