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It seems to have been a cold, hard winter, but it’s not that long now to the 29th March when the clocks change, moving forward an hour to give us all a bit more precious daylight. With daytime temperatures averaging around 5 degrees now, what are the best ways to stay warm until the spring finally comes? Here are a few suggestions:

Get moving

Exercise is one of the best ways to warm up. In addition to all the other health benefits, exercise increases the blood flow to the skin, heating you up. It also boosts endorphins, so you’ll feel much better. Take a long walk in the country, and you’ll see the early signs of spring in hedgerows and fields.

Eat and drink

Eating healthy filling foods such as soup and stew will help keep you warm on a frosty day. Try slow-release carbohydrates like porridge and wholemeal bread to help you feel fuller longer. Alternatively, pop into the Swettenham Arms for a bowl of our homemade soup of the day – you could even go for a walk beforehand, for maximum effect.

Stay social

Going out on a cold, dark night may be the last thing you  want to do, but according to scientists from the University of Toronto, social exclusion can actually make you feel physically colder. Arrange to meet some friends and make the effort to go out – it could warm you up.

Layer up

Dress for the weather – and in the UK, that means keeping your options open! Layer up with thermal base layers, sweatshirts and jackets. Waterproofs are always a good idea, as once you’ve got wet it’s very difficult to get warm again. 

Heat up

If your home heating just isn’t doing the job, come and see us at the Swettenham Arms. Our woodburner is always lit at this time of year, and a pint of real ale by the fire will soon have you feeling better.

We look forward to seeing you soon.


The Swettenham Arms x

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