Two months after re-opening – an update

After three and a half months of enforced closure due to Covid-19, we re-opened for business on 4th July 2020. We have made some huge changes to accommodate a new way of working, including reducing the number of inside tables to allow for greater distancing, and increasing the number of outside tables to allow for those customers who prefer not to come inside at all.

We took advantage of the break to give The Swettenham Arms a facelift, and our Lovell Suite (now a regular dining area) is almost unrecognisable with its new look. We’ve launched a fresh new seasonal menu, as well. 

Life in the post-Covid world has been a little challenging at times,  and it’s fair to say we’ve had the odd blip along the way. Our staff have been fantastic though, and have embraced the wearing of PPE and the new working methods. We’ve learned from every experience, and have continued to make tweaks to our new system regularly to make it as safe as possible. 

The best thing about the whole experience has been welcoming our customers back. Almost everyone has been very accommodating and understanding of a difficult situation, and has helped us work in our new way. 

The success of the Eat Out to Help Out deal nearly knocked us off our feet, and we do apologise to everyone who couldn’t book a table on offer days. We are so grateful to everyone who came out to support us.

The new systems have bedded in a little now, and we’ve found a new normal where we can do what we do best – bringing you delicious food in a beautiful setting. The lavender is still in bloom and our gardens are still looking glorious, so if you haven’t been out to see us yet then do make the trip out soon – we are so pleased to welcome you back. 

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