Twilight wildlife around the Swettenham Arms










With the nights finally getting longer and the weather getting warmer, evening walks and twilight drinks at the pub are becoming more of a reality. We’re lucky enough to have a fantastic outside space at the Swettenham Arms, from our stunning lavender meadow to our two beer gardens, outdoor games area, awarding-winning gardens and, of course, the 28-acre Quinta Lovell Arboretum right behind us.

Our stunning setting makes for a haven for wildlife, and if you’re outside at twilight and keep quiet, you might see nocturnal animals starting to go about their business. A further 12.5 acres of the woodland next to the arboretum is managed by Cheshire Wildlife Trust, and creates a haven for foxes, badgers, squirrels and more. Birdlife is abundant, and you might occasionally spot the odd owl swoop low over the car park on a hunting trip. Bats are frequent visitors, and you can spot a wide variety of moths and other nocturnal insects as you enjoy your pint. Common sightings include the common carpet moth, with its attractive mottled wings; the silver-ground carpet moth and the silver Y moth. Moths have as great a variety as butterflies, and although their colouring tends to be less spectacular, if you spend half an hour in the twilight you’ll be surprised how many shapes, sizes and hues you’ll see.

With our new spring menu now in place, if it gets too cold or dark outside you can always move indoors, where we’ve still got the log fires burning for a bit longer! We’ve lots of seasonal goodies on offer, so after your wildlife-spotting trip come and warm up with spinach and Shropshire blue cheese tart, breast of duck or a big plate of our famous steak and chips. To find out more and see the whole menu, visit our food page.


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