Traditional foods at Easter

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Hot cross buns! Hot cross buns! One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns! Nothing says ‘Easter’ in the UK like hot cross buns, but what else is eaten around the world to celebrate the festival?

Brazil: A sweet that looks a bit like fudge, paçoca de amendoim is made of sugar, peanuts and cassava flour (made from the starchy roots of the manioc shrub) and is served as a treat at Easter.

Made from peanuts, sugar and cassava flour, this Brazilian treat is often served in honour of the Easter festival.

Russia: The traditional pudding at Easter in Russia is pashka, a pyramid made from cheese and decorated with religious symbols in almonds and fruit.

Italy: Colomba di Pasqua. This is a sweet bread or cake made with dried fruits, with a texture similar to pannetone. It’s often shaped like a dove, Christ’s symbol.

Greece: We’re not sure if we like the sound of this one – tsoureki is a sweet bread flavoured with cherries and decorated with hard-boiled eggs.

Spain: Maybe the hard-boiled eggs do add something, as the Spanish Easter cake, mona de pascua, incorporates them as well. The Spanish version looks like a large doughnut with the hard-boiled egg baked into the hole in the middle.

UK: As well as hot cross buns, sweet, spicy buns decorated with a pastry cross, we also have chocolate eggs and Simnel cakes, fruit cakes topped with 12 marzipan balls to symbolise the apostles.

Germany: although most traditional Easter foods are sweet, German dishes can be savoury. The last Thursday before Easter, known as Maundy Thursday in the UK, is called Gründonnerstag (Green Thursday) in Germany and traditionalists eat green-coloured dishes which can be sweet or savoury. 

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