The Swettenham Arms: a happy horsey destination

13694191_1238844082806841_611356095_oHere at the Swettenham Arms, we’re well known as a destination for walkers, cyclists and classic car owners. This summer, though, we’ve been discovered by more and more horse riders. We’re at the end of a long bridleway that goes through Davenport and out onto Brereton Country Park, so we’re an ideal destination if you’d like to bring your horses out for a country ride.

We have a large car park, and during the week we’re normally happy to accommodate a trailer or horsebox – do ring first to check we haven’t got a special event on, though. We’re busier at weekends but will accommodate you if we can – give us a ring to check. We would just ask you to pick up any hay/horse droppings before you leave, for the benefit of our customers wearing nice shoes!

From our car park, you’ve got a range of hacking opportunities. Turning right will take you through Davenport, where you can head across the main road (good visibility in both directions) and around Brereton Country Park for a canter. You’ve also got the option of continuing down Davenport Park Lane with the Country Park on your left, and riding into Brereton village before coming back via a different bridleway for a ride of around two hours. Turning right out of the pub car park then first left, you can pick up another bridleway that takes you through Kermincham and back via the roads for a ride of around 1.5 hours.

If you’re parking at the pub, we’d appreciate it if you visited us after your ride for a drink or a meal to make it into the perfect day. 

The Swettenham Arms is a country pub in a lovely rural location, set in a network of quiet lanes right next to the Quinta Arboretum. Why not come and see us for a family day out? 

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