The lavender’s on its way!









Here at the Swettenham Arms, we’re very lucky with our location. Nestled in a network of country lanes and footpaths, we’re just by the Quinta Lovell Arboretum giving a perfect rural feel. At the back of the pub is our famous Lavender Meadow, two acres of glorious lavender plants that in the summer are covered with dancing purple flowers and butterflies.

It’s the ideal location for any occasion, from quiet evening drinks to an idyllic summer wedding. Now, the flowers are starting to bud and our plants are covered with new silvery growth, ready to reach their peak in a few weeks’ time.

Here are a few things you might not have known about this beautiful, fragrant plant:

  • Lavender and mint belong to the same family.
  • Originally from the Mediterranean and parts of Africa and Asia, lavender prefers sunny areas and well-drained soil.
  • Lavender bushes can grow up to three feet tall.
  • The leaves of certain varieties are covered in fine hairs. Each plant produces between one and eight bunches of flowers.
  • The use of lavender goes back thousands of years. The name ‘lavender’ is from a Latin verb meaning ‘to wash’, as it was used as part of bathing rituals due to its antiseptic and disinfectant properties. It was also one of the herbs used in the Egyptian mummification process.
  • Lavender is an effective insect and mouse repellent – keeping sachets of dried seeds in drawers and cupboards will not only scent your cloths, but also deter moths. It can also help to keep aphids away from roses when it’s planted nearby.

We’re now serving afternoon tea at the Swettenham Arms (see our food page for more details). The next sunny afternoon, why now bring the family, treat yourself to some delicious cakes and sandwiches and come and see how our meadow is getting on? We look forward to seeing you.

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