Swettenham’s wildflower walks

It’s been a fantastic spring for wildflowers, and the lands and footpaths around the pub are bright with dozens of varieties. Come for a walk in the Quinta Arboretum next door to us, follow the footpath to Brereton Country Park or the River Dane or just stroll around the lanes, and you could find:

In the woods:











Bluebells love damp, cool places – spot them in the arboretum and down by the river.

In the hedgerows:


Photo by Dawn Endico

Photo by Dawn Endico










Vetch has pretty purple flowers and is a semi-climbing plant that likes to hide among taller plants for support. It’s a member of the legume family which includes broad beans and peas, and bees love it.

Hawthorn (May flower)

may flower










At the moment the hedges are bright with creamy, lacy hawthorn flowers, said to herald the true start of spring.















Although it’s called ‘meadowsweet’, this tall plant topped with creamy flowers loves to grow in the verges around here, and the long rows of it lining the lane look spectacular.

Red campion












This one’s a little harder to spot, but you’ll find it along the footpaths towards the River Dane. It’s a pretty, tall, bright pink flower that insects love.

In the meadows













We can’t believe how fantastic the dandelions have been this year, the surrounding meadows have been like great golden carpets. Someone’s going to need a lot of puff to get through all those dandelion clocks!












The buttercups are only just starting to come out, but they’re set to take over from the dandelions and fill the neighbouring fields with colour.

What else have you seen on your walks round and about the area? We’d love to know if you spot anything unusual, just drop us a line to info@swettenhamarms.co.uk and we’ll put a photo up here. Whenever you’re out round here on the wildflower trail, don’t forget to come and see us for morning coffee or lunch.

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