Swettenham walks: Brereton Country Park

Although most of our customers know that we have the beautiful Quinta Lovell Arboretum right behind the pub, not everyone knows that we have lots of other walk options as well. At this time of year, there are stunning views across the Dane Valley as well as hedgerows full of wild flowers to brighten your day. One of our favourite options is the walk from the pub to Brereton Country Park. It takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, and is suitable for pushchairs and for all weathers. Paths consist of either quiet lanes, gravel or tarmac, and it’s mostly level (although there are one or two steeper stretches). This walk is ideal for dogs, and is also suitable for bicycles and horses. 

1. Park at the pub. We’re very happy for you to do this, as long as you come and see us before or after for a drink or a sandwich.

2. Turn right out of the car park, and follow the quiet, dead end lane right to the end.

3. When you come to a white gate, go through it onto the gravelled path ahead of you. 

brereton-country-park-route (2)









4. Follow this path as far as you can. This is a right of way over the private drive of Davenport Hall, which you’ll see on your right. At this time of year, the rhododendrons and azaleas make a stunning sight. When you come to another white gate at the end of the drive, go through it and follow the lane ahead of you. 

brereton-country-park-route (7)











5. When you come to a T junction, cross straight over at the crossroads into the small road ahead of you. (The road you are crossing is the A54 which can be busy at times, so make sure your dog is on a lead before you get to this point. There is good visibility in both directions so it shouldn’t be too scary!)

brereton-country-park-route (5)








brereton-country-park-route (3) brereton-country-park-route (9)








brereton-country-park-route (8) brereton-country-park-route (2)





















6. Walk along the road for a couple of hundred yards until you see an opening on your left. This is the entrance to Brereton Country Park. You can walk around the lake on the flat, level path until you return to your starting point, then follow the same route back to the pub. There’s often an ice cream van in the car park during the summer months, and dogs will appreciate a cooling splash in the lake – just watch out for fishermen! 

We hope you enjoy our beautiful countryside and will come back and see us again soon. 

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