Summer days in the lavender

Here at the Swettenham Arms, we’re very lucky to have what we think is a unique asset. We’ve got the UK’s only lavender field attached to a pub, and it’s now in its full glory. Hundreds of people have already made the trip to visit the lavender and we’re expecting more over the next couple of weeks.

Our two-acre site was planted in 2005, and contains more than 4,000 lavender plants. When the sun’s out, the full colour and fragrance of the plants have to be experienced to be believed. Originally just a field, we first planted a wildflower meadow on the site but it’s the lavender that’s really taken off. 

To help people enjoy this wonderful facility, we’ve got outdoor seating, a little covered area and – new for summer 2016 – our gazebo. Set in the middle of the field and surrounded by purple flowers, it’s already proving very popular as a wedding venue. The field itself is a perfect backdrop for photographs, and younger guests seem to love playing hide and seek up and down the rows!

This weekend, why not get the family together and go for a country walk down the footpaths and bridlepaths that surround us on every side. When you get here, you can enjoy a well-earned drink at the edge of the meadow. If you close your eyes, the scent of lavender and gentle drone of bees will make you think you’re in the south of France. The health benefits of lavender include the ability to soothe, relax and ease nervous tension, so it’s the ideal venue after a hard week at work. 

Another lovely aspect is the thousands and thousands of butterflies dancing over the field. If you’re interested in wildlife, you’re guaranteed to see lots of different species, all from the comfort of your chair while you relax with a cold beer. Does summer get any better than that?!



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