Spring comes to Swettenham

Take a family trip to the Quinta Lovell Arboretum and see how it's waking up after the winter

Take a family trip to the Quinta Lovell Arboretum and see how it’s waking up after the winter

It’s been a long winter, but it seems like spring has finally arrived in the village. In the Quinta Lovell Arboretum behind the pub, the snowdrops and crocuses are more or less over but the daffodils are starting to make a cheerful show. The bluebells won’t be far behind them – clumps of dark green leaves are springing up all over the 28-acre site. The plants – which include rhododendrons, azaleas, hebes and a wide variety of trees – are all starting to bud, and the birds are filling the air with song.

The Arboretum was set up by Sir Bernard Lovell, founder of the Jodrell Bank Radio Telescope, who started with open grassland and went on to plant over 2500 trees and shrubs of 800 species, including a collection of endangered conifers. Right next door to the Arboretum is the 12.5 acre wild wooded area owned by Cheshire Wildlife, which is a haven for wildlife of all kinds.

The wildflowers are starting to make an appearance too, including campion, primroses, celandine and anemones. 

There are footpaths running through the Arboretum in all directions, and it’s a lovely walk on a bright spring day. This weekend, why not bring your family (and dog) for a walk, then come and see us for lunch? We’ve lots of delicious seasonal food on the menu to tempt you, and until the end of this month there are price reductions on our normal prices. See our offers page for more details, and our food page for our current menu. We welcome dogs into our stone-flagged bar area, so you can all have a well-earned break. Call us to book on 01477 571284 or drop an email to info@swettenhamarms.co.uk, we look forward to seeing you.


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