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Summer’s here, and it’s getting hot, hot, hot! We don’t normally have the problem of how to keep cool in the UK, but when we do get some hot weather we like to celebrate in style. Here are some quick tips for staying chilled in the sun:

Ice it up

Jazz up chilled drinks with your own homemade fancy ice cubes. Pick mint leaves and pretty blue borage flowers, put them in ice cube trays, pour water over and freeze. These look lovely in clear drinks such as lemonade. Alternatively, freeze curls of lemon rind or a couple of fresh blueberries into the cubes.

Stay hydrated

Make sure everyone’s drinking plenty of fluids with this homemade blackcurrant cordial. It’s quick and easy to make and couldn’t be more summery. Pack a bottle of the concentrate to take on a picnic, and dilute it when you get there. Put 500g of washed blackcurrants in a large pan with 300g white sugar and 550ml water. Heat very gently and stir until the sugar dissolves completely. Then, turn the heat up a little and bring the fruit to a summer for around 15 minutes. Let it cool, then pass it through a sieve into a clean, sterilised glass bottle or jar and keep it in the fridge until you need it. For a longer shelf life, add the juice of a lemon before the simmering stage. Dilute with sparkling water as required.

Treat yourself

It’s summer! Time to kick back and break out the shorts and T shirt. To get you in the mood, why not pop into the Swettenham Arms for a light lunch followed by a bowl of delicious ice cream from Cheshire Farm Ice Cream, followed by a gentle stroll down to the lake at Brereton Country Park or the River Dane?

We’re holding various events over the summer, including our weekly Classic Car Evenings every Tuesday night at 7pm, so don’t forget to check back on our events page to see what’s in store.

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