Planning for the next few weeks

At the moment, the question on everyone’s lips is ‘When will things get back to normal?’! For us, that means long, lazy lunches for our customers in the lavender field, our very popular classic car events and delicious food at our rural location. With the recent government announcement, there’s a little more clarity about how things are going to roll out over the next few weeks.

From 12 April, we hope to be open and serving food outside. This is not a confirmed date, and we have no more access to information than anyone else, so we don’t know if this will go ahead. We hope it will, though! We have three large outdoor seating areas (the side beer garden, the front beer garden and the large lavender garden) so can accommodate customers comfortably while still conforming to social distances rules. Customers will still have to book in groups of no more than six and no more than two different households, but it’s a very definite start. 

We currently have no set date for re-starting our classic car evenings, but rest assured that as soon as we can do so safely they are at the top of the list! 

In the meantime, we are continuing to serve our delicious homemade takeaway food between 10am and 6pm every day – see the Food page for more details and to download the menus. This has been a very popular service and has allowed us to keep in touch with customers during a very difficult time. If you’re heading out for a walk, why not stop by and see us for a drink or lunch – due to government restrictions we can’t currently offer seating or serve alcohol, but we do have homemade cake and hot chocolate on the go! 

We’ll continue to update our website and social media as soon as things become clearer, and we’re very grateful for the continued support of our staff and customers. 

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