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Planning to get hitched in summer 2017? There’s nothing like a British summer wedding when everything goes smoothly. This being Britain, though, there’s a chance there might a few weather-related hitches! Here’s how to plan for all scenarios.

  • Incorporate some pretty parasols into the theme for the bride and bridesmaids. Some wedding dress companies have their own range, or you can get parasols hand-decorated in your own colour scheme. Not only can these look really dramatic in the photos, they’ll also help protect you from strong sun or rain if you take pictures outside. 
  • Plan an inside/outside venue, such as our Lovell Suite and glorious lavender meadow at the Swettenham Arms. With the Lovell Suite, you have the benefit of formal seating and an indoor, weatherproof function room. If the weather’s feeling kind, the doors open directly onto our outdoor area with seating and thousands of lavender plants in full bloom, so you’ll have the best of both worlds.
  • Think about footwear! If the ground’s a little soft outside, you don’t want to sink into the lawn in high heels during the photos. Include a flat pair of ballet pumps to change into – even if you don’t go outside, they’ll still be useful for dancing. Depending on your wedding style, kicking off your shoes completely for the outdoor photos can give a lovely relaxed feel.
  • Visit the venue several times in the weeks before the wedding, so you can choose where you’d like your photos taking on the day.
  • Relax! Planning a wedding can be stressful, but here at the Swettenham Arms our experienced team are here to help your big day go smoothly, from beginning to end.

You can find out more about our venue and team at our dedicated weddings page, or visit our gallery page for more inspiration.


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