Outdoor games at the Swettenham Arms










The phrase ‘it’s child’s play’ usually means that something’s very straightforward, but sometimes it’s not that easy to keep your children occupied. Studies show that children concentrate and focus better once they’ve had a chance to expend some energy, but if you’re trying to enjoy a family meal out then there’s not always an appropriate area for them to let off steam. Here at the Swettenham Arms, we’ve installed a whole range of games for all the family to play, including badminton, croquet, rounders and lots more. Our games area is set off to one side behind the pub, and there’s plenty of seating available so you can sit and supervise or leave your drinks while you join in. 











According to NHS guidelines, children under 5 should do 180 minutes of exercise a day and young people aged 5 to 18 should do 60 minutes a day. Playing organised games such as croquet not only counts towards a daily exercise allowance but also encourages an appreciation of fresh air and outdoor activity. Experts say that active children grow up to be active adults, and as exercise can help reduce your risk of serious diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke, some cancers and heart disease, that can only be a good thing. Outdoor play has a range of other benefits too, from improving balance and coordination and increasing serotonin levels, known as the ‘happy hormone’.

If you feel like joining in with the games, that’s an even better thing. Spending time on joint activities helps strength the family bond, and children whose parents regularly set aside some time to play tend to have fewer behavioural problems and be better communicators. 

Whatever your reason for doing so, we’d love you to come along and have some fun with our outdoor games area, new for 2014. Hope to see you soon.


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