Time for us to get to work on our lavender

If you haven’t yet been to see our stunning lavender meadow, then hurry, hurry, hurry! It’s been looking magnificent all summer, and now the flowers are starting to draw to a close. You’ve still got time to come and enjoy a drink in the beer garden, breathe in the fragrance of our thousands of plants and listen to the soothing hum of insects among the flowers, but in a couple of weeks’ time we’ll be pruning our plants so that they can look their best for next year.

As always, it’s been quite a summer for our meadow. Not only do hundreds of people come along just to sit in the beer garden, enjoy the sight and take a few family photos, but we’ve also had a quite a number of weddings. These range from the traditional to the unusual – one of our favourites this year was the rustic-themed wedding, complete with tractor, trailer and vintage farm machinery. Our lavender meadow makes a stunning backdrop for these special occasions and will be featuring in many an album. You can even get married in the middle of the field itself, in our pagoda. 

If you come to the pub in a couple of weeks’ time, we might be in full swing for the pruning. As we have thousands of plants, we only prune once a year but we do give it a good cut back! All our lavender has to be pruned by hand, and the process lasts for days. People are often scared of cutting back lavender enough, but the trick is to cut it just above the new growth which could mean cutting into the brown stem. Lavender which isn’t sufficiently cut back tends to go straggly and leggy. Once pruned, our lavender will sit in silvery-grey clumps until the next growing season, when it will burst into life again.

If you’re planning a wedding or other special occasion, then give us a call now to discuss dates for next year and even the year after, as we tend to get booked up a long way in advance. 

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