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Those of you who have been to The Swettenham Arms know that sometimes we’re less a pub and more an exercise in landscape gardening! We’re lucky enough to have lots of outdoor space and we’ve made the most of it. We have a huge car park with flower beds and borders along the front, then a side beer garden with more flower beds and a front beer garden with planters. Then, a short walk anti-clockwise round the pub along a short grassy corridor takes you past more flower beds and into our lavender meadow.

It’s currently a little early for the lavender, which really comes into its own in July and August. The flowers are just starting to bud and the insects are getting interested but there’s not much to see at the moment – in a couple of months’ time the field will be a sea of purple flowers. 

We’re very proud of our garden and expend a lot of time and money on it. The front borders by the church are home to a range of flowering shrubs such as buddleias as well as a number of bulbs. Our side beds are most bedding plants, which we change regularly in season. We’re fond of fuchsias, pansies, daisies, marigolds and petunias in our tubs and they make a bright splash of colour in the front garden. We’ve also got window boxes and a some mown lawn area by the lavender beds. 

Any time from now is a great time to see our hard work – everything (except the lavender!) is in full bloom and looking lovely and colourful. On a fine evening, watching the sun set over the Lovell Quinta Arboretum at the back of us while you relax with a glass of wine is an unforgettable experience! 

Now summer is getting underway, we hope you’ll come and visit us soon and admire our grounds. To book a table, visit our website. 

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