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Next week, 11th to 19th June, is Bike Week, an annual opportunity to promote cycling, and to show how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’. The week aims to get people to give cycling a go all over the UK, whether for fun, as a means of getting around to work or school, the local shops or just to visit friends. 

Cycling is a great way of seeing the countryside, and it’s good for you too. Depending on your weight and how energetic you are, a bike ride of just 30 minutes will burn between 75 and 670 calories. Here’s how:

  • Recreational cycling at 5mph: 75-155kcal
  • Moderate cycling at 10mph: 190-415kcal
  • Vigorous cycling at 15mph: 300-670kcal

If you cycle every day for half an hour, you’ll boost your fitness levels and could lose weight as well. There are many other advantages to being out in the open air, from the mood-boosting effects of sunshine to the chance to spot wildlife and summer flowers along the route. 

This weekend, why not get together with a group of friends and cycle out to the Swettenham Arms? We’re set in a network of country lanes in a beautiful part of Cheshire near the Dane Valley. Afterwards, you could continue round Brereton or any of the other nearby village. With our three outside eating areas, there’s plenty of room here to leave bikes and we serve a selection of real ales, perfect for refreshing you after your ride. If you fancy stretching your legs before you ride back again, take a walk round the Lovell Quinta Arboretum at the back of the pub – it’s looking particularly lovely at the moment, with the rhododendrons in full bloom.

For more information about us plus current food and drinks menus, take a look at our Food page.


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