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Planning to treat your mother or grandmother this Sunday 11th March? For the perfect day, start off with breakfast in bed followed by a family walk and then lunch or dinner here at the Swettenham Arms. We’ve got a delicious menu all ready, designed to make your recipient feel really special.

If you’re planning on following up with a gift as well, the most traditional presents for mothering Sunday have always been flowers. Did you know, though, that flowers can sometimes say more than you thought? Here’s what you’re really saying when you give a bunch of:

Carnations. If this is your flower of choice, better stick with pink or white (undying love and pure love or good luck respectively) rather than yellow, which apparently mean disappointment!

Daffodils: This most traditional of Mothers’ Day gifts is a good choice – it symbolises cheerfulness and joy. Another bonus is that they’re available at the right time of year!

Roses: on the whole, these are a safe choice. Go for dark pink (thankfulness), pale pink (grace and joy) or red (purity and love.) You’re even safe with yellow roses – they mean joy and love.

Hyacinths: Another seasonal spring flower, these can have several meanings. The most common colour, blue, symbolises constancy. Purple indicates a request for forgiveness, which may or may not be appropriate! While white hyacinths mean loveliness, yellow ones symbolise jealousy which is probably not the emotion to go for on Mothers’ Day.

Chrysanthemums: These have a general meaning of friendship and cheerfulness. If you’re choosing specific colours, go for white or red which symbolise truth and love respectively.

To find out more about our special Mothers’ Day event, give us a call or email us at You can also download the menu from the links at the bottom of our food page. 

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