Lavender fields at the Swettenham Arms

lavender gazebo


If you’re a regular visitor to the Swettenham Arms, you’ll know that one of the biggest charms of the pub is its lovely rural location. We;re set right by the Quinta Lovell Arboretum, in a network of twisting country lanes and footpaths. Previously, there was also a little grass two-acre field to the side of the pub – handy for a few tables and chairs, but otherwise not very picturesque. So we put out thinking caps on, and came up with the idea of a lavender field – we think it could be the only one in Cheshire! Four thousand plants later, our little meadow was transformed.

During an eight-week flowering period in mid to late summer, the field is purple with millions of fragrant flowers, and you can hear the drone of lazy bees as they buzz from plant to plant. When the sun’s out, the air is heady with the scent of lavender. One of our beer gardens is right next to the meadow, perfectly placed so that you can sit with a long, cold drink and watch the sun go down over the field.

It’s a perfect wedding venue, too – can you imagine a more romantic backdrop for your photos? If you take a look at the wedding page of our photo gallery, or at our Facebook page, you can see some of the gorgeous photos that have been taken in this special place. It’s also great for the local wildlife – on a still day, you can see hundreds of butterflies dancing above the slender purple flowers, and it’s a popular spot for birds too.

If you’re thinking of paying us a visit, then the flowers are just about to open and need just a little more time to look really spectacular. The field looks at its best through July and August, perfect for family days out in the summer. Come and see us soon!



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