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If at the top of your New Year’s Resolution’s list for 2015 was ‘lose weight’ or ‘get healthier’, you’re not alone. Almost 80% of people who make resolutions list one of these as their first or second resolve, but most of us give up on our good intentions before the end of January. Here’s how to give yourself the best chance of success.

1. Be positive. 

Instead of saying, ‘I really should lose some weight’, say ‘I will lose weight’, or ‘I am determined to lose weight’.

2. Be specific

What actually is your goal? Having a specific aim in mind makes it more likely you’ll achieve it. Do you want to drop a dress size, lose 5kg, be able to complete a 3km run?

3. Make a plan

Decide how you’re going to achieve your goal. Make a plan that you know is reasonable and will fit in with your lifestyle. For example, getting up half an hour earlier every day and going for a brisk walk can burn up to 150 calories, leading to a steady, safe weight loss.

4. Stay motivated

If your willpower falters a bit, don’t immediately give up. For example, even if you haven’t achieved your weight loss target one week, the extra exercise you’re doing still has a range of health benefits. Exposure to sunlight helps to top up vitamin D levels and boost your mood, and walking in general reduces the chances of disease, tones your legs and strengthens your heart.

5. Cheat!

Well,we don’t exactly mean that. Equally, it’s important not to feel that resolutions are taking over your life, otherwise you’ll start to feel resentful and drop all the good work you’ve done so far. This weekend, why not grab your walking boots and take a walk from the Swettenham Arms to Brereton Country Park, or along the Dane Valley? Afterwards, come and see us for a bowl of our homemade soup, made daily from fresh ingredients. You’ll still have treated yourself to lunch out, without racking up the calories. 

Have a happy , healthy New Year,

The Swettenham Arms x

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