Getting married? Welcome to part three of our wedding checklist

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When you’ve been thinking about, planning for and generally getting ready for your wedding for months, it can feel like the last couple of weeks is when it all starts to run away from you. Relax – this is  when all the big stuff is already taken care of, and you can spend a bit of time on the details. Here’s what you should be thinking about one to two weeks before the big day.

  • It’s important to look your best, but this is not the time to do anything drastic! At least a week before your wedding day, have your hair coloured and lightly trimmed. If you like, ask your hairdresser to practice your ‘wedding do’ so you know you’ll be happy with it on the day. Don’t decide to have it all cut off/dyed purple/permed unless you were planning to anyway!
  • Plan any other beauty treatments, such as fake tan, dilapidation or eyebrow shaping. That way, if anything doesn’t go quite according to plan you’ve got time to correct it. The only thing you should be leaving until the last minute is your manicure and pedicure.
  • Make sure you’ve got everything you need for your honeymoon. Put all your travel documents safely on one side so you don’t forget them in the rush. If you need to buy a bigger suitcase or any new clothes, now’s the time to do that as well. Pre-order any foreign currency you might need, and check the long range weather forecast at your destination to help with packing choices.
  • Wear your wedding shoes around the house for a few days, to make sure they’re comfortable on the day. If they’ve very high heeled, a pair of gel cushions in the toes will help keep your feet fresh for dancing.
  • Make up a mini-emergency kit, including lipstick, tissues, a spare pair of tights or stockings, a small mirror, cotton buds, plasters and hairspray. Ideally, make up a couple and distribute them among the bridesmaids.
  • Finally, make a list of the timings for the day for all the deliveries and wedding suppliers. Include their mobile contact details, then make three copies and give one to the venue, one to your best man and one to the chief bridesmaid. Then, sit back and relax!

Here at the Swettenham Arms, we can offer a unique wedding experience in the heart of the Cheshire countryside, with our stunning lavender meadow. Our next wedding fayre is Sunday March 29th, so why not come along and see us for yourself?

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