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13th to 21st June is the UK’s Bike Week, the country’s biggest nationwide cycling event. It’s not aimed at regular cyclists, although they’re welcome to join the 500,000 people taking part all over the UK – rather, it’s an opportunity for those who perhaps haven’t cycled for a while, or who never learnt. The event aims to promote cycling as part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’.

There are lots of planned events on the Bike Week website, mostly during 13th to 21st June but also carrying on well into September. If you’ve got an old bike rusting in the shed, this could be the time to don a pair of shorts, get busy with the WD40 and get back out on the road. Cycling is great exercise for all the family, and burns around 500 to 700 calories an hour depending on your weight, fitness levels, speed and the terrain. Going for a bike ride in the countryside is a perfect day out, particularly at this time of year when the lanes are alive with birdsong and bright with wild flowers from foxgloves to hawthorn. There’s even some wild honeysuckle in the lanes around Swettenham for a true summer experience. 

At the Swettenham Arms, we’re lucky enough to sit in a network of quiet country lanes close to several major cycle routes, so we’re a great destination for your first foray into the saddle. There’s even some off-road cycling down the bridlepath to Brereton Country Park if you’re feeling less than confident. After you’ve drunk in the views across the River Dane and made the most of the local lanes with their high hedges, why not come and see us for lunch or a well-deserved drink? We’ve got plenty of space for bikes, a lovely beer garden and a home-cooked menu. Who knows, you might even decide to make cycling your new hobby!

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