Forgotten tip proves heart-warming tale











Running a pub, we meet a lot of different people all the time. Many of them become regulars, and we get to know them well, others come for one off celebrations or as guests. Sometimes, we’re reminded of just how lovely some of our customers can be when we were sent a letter that really restored faith in human kindness and consideration. Can you  imagine getting back from a holiday on a different continent and feeling guilty about a forgotten tip, even though you were now thousands of miles away?  Most of us would have a fleeting regret or two, but one party of customers were so conscience-stricken they took the trouble to write to us about the oversight, all the way from America. Here’s what they wrote:

“To  whom it may concern. 

Last week we visited your establishment with friends from England, we are from America.  We had just returned to the UK from France, where the gratuity was included in the meal.  It was not until my return to America that I discovered a tip was not included on the check.  We had such a lovely meal and the waitress was wonderful, I could not imagine not leaving a tip.  Here is a tip included with this note to give to your staff and please extend our deepest apologies for this oversight.  Thank you, Marilyn Black.”

We were really touched by this kind gesture, which involved the people concerned in a fair amount of trouble and expense. We thought we’d like to share this heart-warming story with other people too, as a counterpoint to all the bad news that seems to be reported everywhere. We hope the story will brighten your day, and if the Black family are over in the UK again, we hope they’ll come in and see us.

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