Enjoy lunch in our lavender field










It’s lavender time again! Always a hotly-anticipated time of the year here at the Swettenham Arms, our meadow of thousands of lavender plants is starting to come into bloom again. It’s not quite there yet, but the flowers are budding nicely and another week or so of sunshine (fingers crossed!) will see it in full flower. Already you can hear the steady drone of insects as they search amongst the blooms for open flowers and the air above the field is criss-crossed with fluttering butterflies. As we move into July, activity will step up dramatically among our insect population and lunchers at the side of the pub will be able to relax to the scent of the flowers and the steady drone of bees. 

For thousands of years, oil of lavender has been used to treat a wide range of conditions including skin complaints, stress, headaches and even hair loss! We’re not sure that you’ll feel any of those benefits from sitting by our lavender field, but we are fairly sure you’ll find it a relaxing experience – especially when accompanied by some delicious food and a glass of chilled wine. When the sun is hot on the plants, the fragrance is fantastic and the sweep of purple flowers over the field makes a glorious background to a leisurely meal.

We’re now open as usual, although we are still running a slightly smaller menu than usual (example menus are available on our food page). We’re not taking bookings for outside tables so at busy times such as weekends it’s best to turn up in plenty of time if you’d like to sit by the lavender meadow. We do have lots of tables in that area though! We hope to see you all again soon and are delighted that it’s almost time to share the lavender with you once again. 

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