Craft beer at the Swettenham Arms

We've had a face lift! No, not the girls - our bar has had a major refurbishment.


Do you remember when the most difficult choice you had was whether to choose beer or lager? Now, walk into most independent pubs and you’ll be confronted with an array of ‘craft beers’, from the local to the unusual. Some craft breweries are so small that they only serve a very small local area, so having a pint in the pub might be the only way you’ll taste them. These days, craft beers very from light IPAs to dark, hoppy bitters. But what actually is a craft beer, as opposed to one from a mainstream brewery? Confusingly, the definition in the UK differs from the USA and other parts of the world, but here in Britain a craft beer is one made by a craft brewery. 

As defined by the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), a craft brewery produces less than 20 million litres every year, which equates to 0.12 million barrels. The brewery must also be independent, and not in any way connected with a larger organisation, and must abide by SIBA’s food safety and quality control standards.


Here at the Swettenham Arms we’re proud of our range of beer, and like to support local breweries as well as offering more familiar names. We stock beers from independent brewers Moorhouses, who brew craft and small batch beers under the shadow of Pendle Hill in Lancashire, the famous scene of the Pendle witch trials in 1612. We’re not saying there’s any witchcraft going on, but their beer is seriously good – why not give it a try next time you come in? We also stock beers from The Beer Foundation, a father and son team in nearby Wincle in Cheshire, as well as our very own ‘2 Dogs’ beer, brewed especially for us and named after our two resident pub dogs.

Pubs are a great way of trying something new, so next time you’re passing why not come in and pick a name you don’t recognise in the beer line – you never know what you’ll discover. 

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