Classic car Tuesdays return to Swettenham




Hooray, it’s (almost) summer! While that always puts a spring in our step, what with the arboretum bursting into life, the woods filled with birdsong and the hedgerows brimming with wild flowers, we’ve got another reason for welcoming the return of the better weather. Every Tuesday from now until when the weather breaks in late autumn, we’re delighted to announce the return of our classic car meets. 

These are really a high spot of our calendar, and we love seeing what everyone brings! We’ve had examples of pretty much every make and model you can think of over the years, from ‘modern’ classics such as 1980s Capris to a really stunning vintage Aston Martin. The attraction of the event is the friendly, welcoming atmosphere as car owners from all over Cheshire get together to ‘talk cars’ and wander round the lovely vehicles. Our lovely large carpark is probably part of the attraction too, as there’s little chance of pranging your pride and joy as you have to reverse into a too-small space! While turnout varies depending on the weather (sunny evenings are obviously favourites for showing off convertibles!), we normally have lots of like-minded people coming together to socialise and covert each other’s cars! 

If you’d like to join us one night, there’s no need to book unless you’d like to stay and have dinner, in which case it’s best to ring ahead and reserve a table. Otherwise, just turn up and pitch in from 7pm, whether you’re a car owner or not. We’ve got free Bratwurst hotdogs for classic car drivers too, in case you needed any more incentive! 

As always, we’d love to see any photos taken at the event – do post them on our Facebook page or email them to so we can add them to our Gallery page.  We’ve also got classic tractors and vintage farm machinery on Wednesdays and classic motorbikes on Thursdays!

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