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Here at the Swettenham Arms, we’ve started the countdown to Christmas. As well as our seasonal winter menu, we’re offering Christmas party nights and a fantastic family feast on Christmas Day itself. Of course, we’ve got the traditional turkey and trimmings on the menu, including cranberry and sage stuffing and chipolata sausages, but we’ve added a couple of more unusual options such as local pot roast pheasant, festive nut roast and beef sirloin. 

Other countries around the world have their own traditions of festive food. In many European countries, the main Christmas meal is eaten on December 24th rather than Christmas Day. In some areas of Eastern Europe, this meal consists of twelve dishes, all containing no meat, as the 24th December traditionally ends a time of fasting. In many Slavic cultures, it’s also traditional to honour and remember any deceased family members by setting a place at the table for them.  

In the Czech Republic, you’re more likely to find yourself sitting down to a plate of fried carp and potato salad than turkey, whereas in Denmark you may be offered roast pork, goose or duck. 

Many Germanic cultures have a tradition of serving little spiced biscuits around Christmas time, and these are often eaten on the day itself.

In Denmark the traditional Christmas meal served on December 24th consists of roasted pork, goose or duck. 

In France, liver pate (foie gras), smoked salmon, lobster, fish or roasted duck or goose could all be on the menu. Instead of a Christmas pudding, the meal normally ends with a ‘Buche de Noel’, a chocolate cake a bit like a Swiss roll. It’s normally covered in rough chocolate icing to resemble a log, and accompanied with a glass of Champagne. 

Whatever you decide to eat this Christmas, have a wonderful time with your family – and maybe we’ll see you at the Swettenham Arms. To download our Christmas menus, visit our Food page


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