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Here at the Swettenham Arms, we’re proud to be a Great British pub – but today, 23rd April, we’re also proud to be an English pub! It’s the anniversary of the death of England’s patron saint, St George of dragon-killing fame, and we thought we’d celebrate all the things that make us the quintessential English dining destination.

The ‘Sunday roast’ has been a mainstay of the English diet for hundreds of years. Traditionally served on a Sunday, it was often the only time all week poorer families could afford meat. Joints too big for domestic ovens were dropped off at the bakers on the way to church, where the meat would cook throughout the service ready to be picked up on the way home. Sunday was the only day no bread was baked, so the meal became synonymous with the end of the week. We serve a really traditional roast with pork, lamb or beef and all the trimmings – and you won’t have to wait for Sunday, either, as it’s on our menu all the time.

Next on the list is our location – deep in the heart of the English countryside. Nestled between the Lovell Quinta Arboretum and the Dane Valley in a network of winding country lanes, the pub’s in a picture-postcard setting. We’re next to the small parish church and surrounded by oak trees, as well.

The final item on our list of celebration is beer! No-one knows when beer was first brewed in England, but it was a well-established drink by the time the Romans invaded. We keep the tradition going with our range of English craft beers, which change regularly, mostly from microbreweries. (Don’t worry, we’ve got the continental lagers, cider and lots of other goodies on offer too!)

Next time you feel like a Great British day out, come and see us at the Swettenham Arms – you’ll be sure of a warm welcome.

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