Celebrate National Pet Month with your dog














The whole of April in the UK is National Pet Month, dedicated to celebrating the benefits of pet owners and fundraising for the country’s needy animals. 

It’s well-recognised that sharing our lives with pets is good for us. Even just stroking a dog or watching a few fish swim around their tank can have a very calming action, lowering our blood pressure and heart rate. Pet owners even tend to be healthier than their non-pet-owning counterparts, visiting the doctor less and showing an increased ability to recover from illness. Pets can also help people suffering from feelings of depression and isolation, and many hospitals and nursing homes have introduced ‘pet therapy animals’ to come in and meet residents and patients on a regular basis. 

Children in particular tend to have a very close relationship with their pets, helping them to learn about the responsibilities of ownership. There’s also some evidence to suggest that children raised with animals in the house have stronger immune systems, and are less prone to allergies. 

In the case of dog owners, one strong health benefit is that you’re encouraged to take regular exercise. How many of us would really try to squeeze in that quick half hour in the dark and rain before work, if it wasn’t for Rover looking at us so beseechingly?! This April, why not celebrate your bond with your best friend by walking some of the footpaths and bridleways in Swettenham? We’ve a beautiful route from the pub along the Dane Valley to Brereton Country Park, or you can head into the network of lanes and footpaths around the village. We’ve the Quinta Lovell Arboretum on our doorstep as well, perfect for adventure-loving pooches with lots of splashing opportunities! When you’ve finished your walk, come and see us for lunch or a coffee. We welcome well-behaved waggers into our stone-flagged bar area, and we’ve two large landscaped outdoor seating areas too. We look forward to seeing you both in April!






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