Burglar’s remorse 22 years later












Eagle-eyed viewers may have noticed our very own landlady Fran Cunningham on the local TV news last week. Life as a pub landlady isn’t always straightforward, and Fran was on TV to talk about one of the more unusual incidents that’s happened in the 21 years she’s been running the pub.

Fran received a hand written letter from a woman who’d been stricken with remorse after being involved in a burglary at the pub…in 1992! 

In her letter, the woman wrote:










“To Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham, I was involved in a burglary at your business in 1992, approximately. I am very sorry, I didn’t realize the seriousness of my actions at the time.” 

The letter is at pains to point that the writer wasn’t involved in the break in or any damage to the cigarette machine, but that she has been haunted by remorse ever since. She also sent Fran a cheque for £100, which has since been donated to St Peter’s Church, which is just opposite the pub. 

Fran has only a vague memory of the robbery all those years ago, but really appreciates the fact that the letter writer has finally come forward and apologised. She plans to contact the writer and let her know that the apology’s been accepted, which she hopes will finally stop her worrying about it.

It seems that this heartwarming little local story has inspired international interest, and news channels as far afield as China and America have carried mentions of the incident. 

Fran’s just happy with receiving the apology, and that the local church have had a donation. Now she’s free to get on with her busy life as landlady of one of Cheshire’s prettiest 16th century pubs, serving great homemade food to locals and visitors alike.



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