Eating customs around the world


This blog post was inspired by a customer this week, who was so pleased with his dessert of deep fried ice cream with warm chocolate sauce that he actually licked his plate! Proprietor Fran Cunningham says, “I’ve been in the business for 45 years and that’s a first for me, I don’t remember anyone actually licking… Read more »

Sing a song of spring


              Hands up who’s getting a bit fed up with this weather? If it’s not raining, it’s freezing. If it’s not freezing, it’s windy. If it’s not windy, it’s snowing. Sometimes this winter, it seems like we’ve had everything all at once. Well, the good news is that although… Read more »

Top tips for the perfect winter walk


                    With the days so short and the weather so changeable, it’s more important than ever to get outside as much as possible. You really might not feel like it, but a walk in the fresh air will boost serotonin levels, improve mood and burn calories… Read more »

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