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Easter around the world

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                With Easter almost upon us, we thought we’d take a look at traditional Easter foods around the world. Many cultures have the equivalent of our simnel cake, sweet desserts made with candied peel and nuts.  In Russia, the seasonal dish is a dessert called ‘pashka’, made from curd… Read more »

Spring comes to Swettenham

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              We’ve hoped, we’ve crossed our fingers, we’ve waited…and now it looks like spring has finally arrived in Swettenham. The daffodils and crocuses are just coming into bloom around the pub and in the Arboretum, and there’s finally a bit of colour in the garden and some buds on… Read more »

Mothers’ Day 2018 – the language of flowers

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                Planning to treat your mother or grandmother this Sunday 11th March? For the perfect day, start off with breakfast in bed followed by a family walk and then lunch or dinner here at the Swettenham Arms. We’ve got a delicious menu all ready, designed to make your recipient… Read more »

Tree-mendous – why you should go down the woods today

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Let’s face it – it’s not the most inspiring time of the year for getting out and about on nature walks. If you make the effort, though, you might be pleasantly rewarded. Behind the pub, the Quinta Lovell Arboretum is slowly coming to life. The snowdrops are looking fantastic, and will replay any visitor by… Read more »

Eating customs around the world

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This blog post was inspired by a customer this week, who was so pleased with his dessert of deep fried ice cream with warm chocolate sauce that he actually licked his plate! Proprietor Fran Cunningham says, “I’ve been in the business for 45 years and that’s a first for me, I don’t remember anyone actually licking… Read more »

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