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Celebrate Mother’s Day 2014 with the Swettenham Arms

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                  This year’s Mother’s Day (also known as Mothering Sunday) falls on the 30th March. Traditionally, it’s a time for children to honour and celebrate their mothers, usually with a gift, card or treat of some kind, to thank them for their care throughout the year. There… Read more »

Spring into Spring at the Swettenham Arms

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                  It’s been all go at the Swettenham Arms in the last few weeks, and we’ve hardly had time to catch our breath. Our 50% off the total food bill offer during January and February was extremely popular and we’ve been packed with diners taking advantage of… Read more »

Get cooking for Bramley apple week, 2nd to 8th February

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Bramleys are Britain’s most popular variety of cooking apple, and they’re incredibly versatile. As well as sweet dishes such as crumbles, cakes and pies, you can add Bramleys to savoury recipes like chicken stew and vegetable soup. They’re also a staple ingredient in preserves such as blackberry and apple jam and apple jelly. All in… Read more »

Let’s celebrate Valentine’s Day

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Why is love in the air on 14th February? We take a look at the traditions and origins of Valentine’s Day. The original St Valentine is hard to pin down, and in fact there were several early Christian saints with who bore the same name. One particular candidate lived in Rome and was martyred in… Read more »

The history of pubs

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Pubs are so embedded in British culture that it’s hard to imagine a landscape without them. Many of the pubs still in existence today are steeped in history, and have been welcoming travellers for many hundreds of years. The title of ‘Brtain’s oldest pub’ is disputed, but a strong contender is The Fighting Cocks in St Albans, Hertfordshire, which dates back… Read more »

Happy, healthy new year

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Happy new year from everyone here at the Swettenham Arms. With January being the time of year that many of us pledge to lose a few pounds or take more exercise, we take a look at how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Exercise The cold, drizzly weather and short days may not be much incentive, but… Read more »

Christmas quiz

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If you feel you’re a bit lacking in Christmas spirit this year, try our just-for-fun seasonal trivia quiz to get you in a festive mood.         A. The first commercially-produced Christmas card made an appearance in London, in which year? 1843 1914 1782 B. ‘Boxing Day’, the 26th December, is so-called because: It’s… Read more »

Birds in the Quinta Arboretum

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From Blackcaps and Kestrels to Mallards and Moorhens, discover the birdlife that makes the Arboretum such a wonderful place.

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