A round up of 2020

Well, here we are nearly at the end of the year and what a rollercoaster ride it’s been. No-one could have predicted last year what a position we’d be this year, and the hospitality trade has been particularly badly affected. After so many years in the business we’re used to facing challenges, but not on anything like this scale! On a daily basis we’ve been having to decide what quantities of food and drink to order in, and just hoping that we’d still be allowed to be open to serve it. 

Back in March in the original lockdown, we found ourselves having to literally tip gallons of cask ale away, as it has a relatively short shelf life compared to bottled beer. Keeping fresh stock at a reasonable level became more a matter of guesswork than planning, and many other aspects became difficult to predict.

We were determined to put on a proper spread for Christmas even though we weren’t able to have our normal build up of office and family parties, and our Christmas Eve dinner and Christmas Day lunch were great with lots of festive atmosphere. As everyone is so keen to see the back of 2020 we’d planned to see it out in as much style as possible with a sumptuous seven-course gala dinner – unfortunately that too wasn’t to be! 

When we were asked to close our doors for sit-down meals again on 26th December due to the change in government restrictions, we took a couple of days off, regrouped and reopened for takeaway meals only. These have been proving popular with walkers and cyclists who are glad of a hot drink, bacon bap and hot meal during their journey!

It’s been a funny old year, but one thing has been a constant – the support of our loyal customers and staff who have helped us keep everything going during this extremely difficult time. We can’t thank you enough, and hope to see you in 2021. Happy New Year!

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