23rd April is St George’s Day

We pride ourselves on being a traditional British pub, so to celebrate St George’s Day, 23rd April, we take a look at traditional English food, all of which can be found on our menu at various times of the year.











Fish and chips – this firm favourite was once the food of Britain’s working classes. As mentioned in the works of Charles Dickens, it was a cheap, filling, hot meal that was readily accessible. The batter was introduced to protect the fish and stop it disintegrating in the hot oil. Upmarket London restaurants like the Ivy and the Caprice added fish and chips to their menu in the 1990s, and today it can be found on menus of pubs, restaurants, cafes and bistros across the country.

Roast beef – a Sunday roast is such a part of the British identity that the Yeoman of the Guard at the Tower of London have been known as ‘Beefeaters’ since the 15th century. It was traditionally eaten on a Sunday as those without the space to cook a joint in their own oven had access to the village bread oven on that day, when the bakers had a day off. Joints would often be dropped off at the bakery in the morning before church, and picked up hot and ready at lunchtime.

Sticky toffee pudding – this has become such a British staple that it’s hard to believe it’s a comparatively recent creation. There’s no ‘definitive’ recipe, and each chef (including our own) has their own variation. Legend has it that the pudding was invented at the Sharrow Bay Hotel in Ullswater in the Lake District in the 1970s by chef Francis Coulson, but Coulson later said he’d based his famous creation on an existing recipe. Whether they invented it or not, the Sharrow Bay Hotel were responsible for making it the popular dish it is today, with versions to be found on menus across the country.

Come along to the Swettenham Arms and sample our traditional homemade food, or take a look at our Food page to see what’s on our current menu.


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